Whatever your artistic desires, we are capable of all styles, from fully custom tattoos, to transfer of any imagery you bring in.


Want fries with that?

Have a space that needs filling?  We will work with you to find and place your art the way YOU want- after all, it's YOUR body!



Why so serious?  Your tattoos should express your true thoughts and emotions. This brings the smiles. We just pull them out of you.



We work better together than against each other. It is our pleasure to use all our resources to give you a lasting reminder of not only WHAT you do, but also WHO you are.  To us at The Ink Spot, you are amazing and important, and should not be afraid to express that.



Welcome to the rest of your life.  You will have many struggles and many hard tasks ahead.  We want you to have a reminder of your strength, your will, and your ideals.  The future is yours!

Meet the Tattooers

Artists?  Sure.  Want to know more?