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  1. And so it begins. My flight into the digital rabbit hole. Please forgive the roughness of the website- I’ll be working on it for the foreseeable future, tweaking and smithing what I hope will be a great portal and resource to not only our shop, but a doorway to a totally excellent adventure! And of course I already screwed the timestamp up.

  2. So far so good. Lots and lots of changes to come, but the super basic framework is done on the website. How do I choose from so many amazing clients and their artwork and stories? I have to admit, when my friend Bob Lindell and I discussed getting time on local public television just to tattoo live while talking shit and sharing stories with our clients, we thought… Who would watch a tattoo tv show?

    Although King Arthur himself couldn’t pull the sword out of my arse on that subject, I at least am still fascinated with every person who crosses our doorstep. I hope that the future of our website can express the multitude of positive emotions I have felt from the first day I watched my brother Dan tattooing at Bob Oslon’s on Lincoln Ave, in the days of yore when the business wasn’t such a… business.

    I still remember the feeling of awe watching the process, and thinking what giants those tattoo people were. Years and tears and lifetimes later, I am still the kid in the window, I’m just on the other side of it, loving the stories and feeling the pulse of our culture. How do I convey that shit on a computer?

  3. Hey to my trillions of readers! Finished the basic social media links in everyone’s galleries. Eventually I’ll get to the bios and hopefully add a friends links page. (WIth Monty Python in the background, I have no guarantees about anything.)

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